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Researching. Innovating. Moving Forward.

Biobizz never stops moving forward. Continuous research, development, and improvement is within our DNA as a company.

From developing new products and innovative solutions for growers to working on reducing our impact on the planet and starting sustainable initiatives, Biobizz’ Team is always working on new projects.

Research & Development


Technical Collaboration with Basque Institute of Agricultural Research NEIKER

Biobizz World Wide Organics partners with the Basque Institute of Agricultural Research Neiker in order to continue working on innovating within the ecological agriculture sector, the creation of new products, and development of new growing techniques.

Biobizz is a leader company in the sector of natural nutrition for plants that has chosen Neiker as a partner in this ambitious project. In this way, Biobizz emphasizes the investment in Research and Development of new products, quality assurance, and innovation in the sector of 100% organic fertilizers.

Stepping Up Organics

Being part of a community, help other people, and get involved in sustainable projects is part of Biobizz’ DNA as a company. We are much more than a fertilizer brand. We are a team that is aware and involved with causes that we consider just or important.

With that spirit in mind, we have created the initiative #SteppingUpOrganics, which consists in volunteering for causes that are important to us, encouraging organic growing and sustainable lifestyle, taking the step to move towards a better world, and encouraging our community to also take the step in their own environment.

Biobizz Greenhouse

In order to tell other people that something is good, you have to try it for yourself and be absolutely sure that there is nothing better out there. And this is exactly what we do at the Biobizz Organic Greenhouse in the North of Spain.

This is where we grow our own fruits, veggies, and flowers, which we share with our local collaborators (restaurants, schools, fresh veggies markets, etc.)

This little piece of heaven kept 100% organic, as we do not use pesticides or any synthetic substances here. Only Biobizz goodness and plenty of love.

And much more is to come…