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Bigger Buds
Bigger BudsWe are in tune with the plants’ needs in order to provide exactly what they require during the flowering period. In turn, they reward us with a large number of big buds, full of terpenes and flavour, expressing the characteristics of its genetics to the fullest.
Phosphorus + Potassium + Proteins
Phosphorus + Potassium + ProteinsFlowa·Bloom is a flowering fertilizer perfect for shortcycle and high-demand plants. In each watering with Flowa·Bloom we promote the fattening of the final production. This is thanks to a good source of easily absorbable phosphorus of natural origin, animal and vegetal proteic content, high percentage of amino acids, and high sugar concentration. Moreover, the phosphorus works in harmony with the plant’s natural rhythm during both day and night, helping with the activation of the flowering process.
Better Combined
Better CombinedIf we combine Flowa·Bloom with Grow·Soldier as a nitrogen source, we ensure an increase in the flowering performance and better organoleptic results. The experts also recommend to add humic acids for really exuberant blooming.
NPK 5-3-3
NPK 5-3-3Flowa·Bloom ensures constant NPK release in the substrate, creating a growing media that is alive, organic, and full of nutrients for the miniature ecosystem that grows in our pot.


Available formats

250 ml

1 L

5 L


Flowa·Bloom is suitable for all mixtures of substrates, mediums and all growing methods.


Regular watering


1-4 ml per litre of water









Vegetative Phase

Week 1

Week 2

Flowering Phase

Week 3
Add 3ml/L of Flowa·Boom

Week 4
Add 3ml/L of Flowa·Boom

Week 5
Add 3ml/L of Flowa·Boom

Week 6
Add 3ml/L of Flowa·Boom

Week 7
Add 3ml/L of Flowa·Boom

Week 8
Add 3ml/L of Flowa·Boom

Week 9
Add 4ml/L of Flowa·Boom

Week 10
Add 4ml/L of Flowa·Boom


Week 11


Week 12