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Ancient Wisdom
Ancient WisdomThe ancestors have spoken. Since the beginning of time, wise growers have used marine algae to improve performance and the health of their crops. With Green·Mystic we adapt that ancient wisdom to our present day and apply it to our plants in order to obtain a whole lot of benefits.
Less Stress, More Productivity
Less Stress, More ProductivityThis algae extract based stimulant promotes hormonal vegetative growth and absorption as well as assimilation of micronutrients, like calcium and magnesium. It improves plants’ vitality, reduces the impact of biotic and abiotic stress, increases the crop’s recovery capacity after an episode of drought or overwatering, extreme temperatures, or external attacks.
Better Combined
Better CombinedTogether with the macronutrients from Grow·Soldier and Flowa·Bloom, Green·Mystic creates an ideal environment where the plants enjoy excellent vitality and produce at their maximum potential.
SustainableGreen·Mystic is based upon a deep connection with nature. When it comes to taking from the sea, we consciously and respectfully collect only the best, only the necessary. And we treat it in a natural way, so that you get the all the best that Mother Earth has to offer, in your pot.
Expertise and Functionality
Expertise and FunctionalityGreen·Mystic combines a high level of manitol, alginic acid, manganeso. Such an organic, functional, and absorbable liquid is made possible by using enzimatic hydrolysis, a natural process that maintains the algae properties to the fullest..
Application Options
Application OptionsGreen·Mystic can be applied with regular watering, so that it works in tandem with substrate microorganisms, further stimulating the development of life. We can also apply it as a foliar spray for quick and effective absorption and action.


Available formats

250 ml

1 L

5 L


Green·Mystic is suitable for all mixtures of substrates, mediums and all growing methods.


Regular watering


1-4 ml per litre of water









Vegetative Phase

Week 1

Week 2
Add 1ml/L of Flowa·Boom

Flowering Phase

Week 3
Add 1ml/L of Flowa·Boom

Week 4
Add 2ml/L of Flowa·Boom

Week 5
Add 2ml/L of Flowa·Boom

Week 6
Add 3ml/L of Flowa·Boom

Week 7
Add 3ml/L of Flowa·Boom

Week 8
Add 4ml/L of Flowa·Boom

Week 9
Add 4ml/L of Flowa·Boom

Week 10
Add 4ml/L of Flowa·Boom


Week 11

Week 12


Week 12