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Natural and Sustainable
Natural and SustainableGrow·Soldier respects the spirit of Mother Earth by using everything she provides, without wasting the precious treasures that she offers us. So, in order to create Grow·Soldier, we make the most of useful ingredients that are typically discarded after the organic sugar beet production.
Secret Formula
Secret FormulaThis is a growth liquid fertilizer that accompanies us during the whole cycle, from the seedling to the end of the flowering. The secret is in the high-quality, noresidue formula that combines extremely concentrated molasses and the right balance of NPKs.
NPK 5-2-3 + Sugars
NPK 5-2-3 + SugarsAs the plant grows and develops, the slow release nitrogen allows her to feed according to her needs, while the high content in sugars supports a nice population of microorganisms that pair with the plant from the soil. A whole ecosystem containing millions of microscopic living beings working together to help us in our grow.
Jamaican Essence
Jamaican EssenceGrow·Soldier provides an optimal and nutritious home for our plants, much like the one their ancestors found in the rich Jamaican lands.
Clean & Organic
Clean & OrganicThis is an organic and natural fertilizer, free of unwated chemical substances. We know you won’t settle for less.


Available formats

250 ml

1 L

5 L


Grow·Soldier is suitable for all mixtures of substrates, mediums and all growing methods.


Regular watering


1-4 ml per litre of water









Vegetative Phase

Week 1

Week 2
Add 4ml/L of Flowa·Boom

Flowering Phase

Week 3
Add 4ml/L of Flowa·Boom

Week 4
Add 2ml/L of Flowa·Boom

Week 5
Add 2ml/L of Flowa·Boom

Week 6
Add 2ml/L of Flowa·Boom

Week 7
Add 2ml/L of Flowa·Boom

Week 8
Add 2ml/L of Flowa·Boom

Week 9
Add 2ml/L of Flowa·Boom

Week 10
Add 2ml/L of Flowa·Boom


Week 11

Week 12


Week 12