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What Biobizz products contain algae? What are the benefits for my plants?

The Biobizz products that contain algae are Root·Juice, Bio·Bloom, Top·Max, Alg·A·Mic, and Bio·Heaven.

The algae as a fertilizer base have a revitalizing function, as the plants use them as a photosynthesis activator. The more efficient the photosynthesis is, the better the absorption of solar light, the metabolism, and the plant’s growth will be.

What are enzymes and why is it important to add them to my crop?

Enzymes are catalysts of metabolic processes. That is, they convert proteins and other complex structures into amino acids and other elements easily absorbed by the plant.

Naturally there are a number of enzymes present in the substrate, but we can add them manually with Acti·Vera to facilitate the absorption of the nutrients that we add with Bio·Grow and Bio·Bloom, among other products.

How can I protect my plants from plagues without using pesticides?

One of the best ways to protect your plants is to prevent them from suffering any attack. Leaf·Coat is a 100% organic preventative that gives the plant a resin coat that makes it stronger against the attacks of sucking insects or aphids and spiders. This coat makes the invader not able to inhabit the plant or feed on it, causing the plague to disappear naturally. Leaf·Coat is not a pesticide, so it does not affect the environment, the plant, or the grower.

Can I use Alg·A·Mic with All·Mix? In which doses?

Of course! There is no problem with adding Alg·A·Mic to the nutrient mix to water a plant where All·Mix is the substrate. The extra amount of algae will be absorbed by the roots when the plant considers it necessary.

However, it is not necessary to use Alg·A·Mic in all irrigations, since All·Mix is a very complete substrate.

In addition, Alg·A·Mic is perfect to be used as a foliar spray, which allows the plant to enjoy all its benefits without interacting at any time with the substrate.


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