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Is it necessary to use a calcium/magnesium supplement when using the Biobizz products?

Under normal conditions it is not necessary to use a Ca/Mg supplement if we use most or all Biobizz products. Only in some very demanding grows, like some cases of crops in coco coir, would it be necessary to use a Ca/Mg supplement, since it is a demanding and unconventional substrate.

Do I need to use additional bacteria or micorrhyzae with Biobizz?

Not necessarily. It is not necessary to inhibit fungi or introduce beneficial fungi into the substrate. It is always a help, but it is optional.

Can I use dry amendments (guano, kelp, etc) in combination with Biobizz?

Of course! Using organic material in conjunction with Biobizz products is positive, provided that only organic or ecological products are used.

However, it is important not to abuse the organic matter so as not to saturate the substrate with nitrogenous bases.

Do you have a Nutrient Schedule for autoflowers?

There is no specific Nutrient Schedule for autoflowering plants, but it is possible to use the current Nutrient Schedule with them.

The feeding of the autoflowering is faster, so we should skip some weeks of the regular Nutrient Schedule to adapt to their needs.


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