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How should I store the Biobizz products?

Biobizz products should be stored in a cool, dark place, away from sunlight. The ideal temperature to store these products is 16-25ºC. High temperatures can cause the product to ferment and spoil it. Sunlight can change some physical characteristics of the product, such as color and appearance, but not chemicals, so the product would still be good to use. We also do not recommend storing Biobizz products in the fridge, as low temperatures are not good for the organic nutrients found in Biobizz products.

What is the shelf life of the Biobizz products?

If the Biobizz products are unopened, in optimal storage conditions they last for about 2 years.

Once opened, they must be stored properly so they can be used for another year.

As soon as we mix the Biobizz products with water, their useful life is from a few hours to a day. Once in contact with the environment, the products begin to recover their microbial activity. They are more alive than ever and can ferment, get mouldy, or lose their properties. The mixture should be used as soon as possible and we should prepare a new one before each irrigation.

When can I start fertilizing with the liquid Biobizz products?

We can start using the Biobizz fertilizers when the plant is 10-15 cm tall or has 2-4 actual leaves.

Do the Biobizz products contain heavy metals?

The Biobizz products contain only the heavy metals that already exist in the ingredients and byproducts extracted from nature that we use to create our line. Although this is inevitable, a good management of the products, their carefully selected origin, and the correct treatment of the environment make the concentrations as low as possible.

The levels contained by the Biobizz products do not exceed the strictest standards stipulated by government agricultural institutions.

Can I use the Biobizz products in hydroponic systems? Which ones and how?

Yes, it is possible to use some of the Biobizz products in hydroponic systems, as long as you don’t let the nutrient mix sit for more than one day.

The suitable products for this use are Root·Juice, Bio·Bloom, Bio·Heaven, and Top·Max.

If I water my plants manually, how often should I water them and how much water should I use?

We need to water the plants according to the specific needs of the crop, the variety, and the conditions of the substrate and environment. When watering manually, it would be enough to water between 3 and 5 times per week, depending on the substrate, temperature, and evapotranspiration.

How to know what is the right amount of water? A general recommendation is to water with 20-30% of the volume of the pot in water. For example, in a 10-liter pot we would use 2-3 liters of water mixed with the Biobizz nutrients.


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