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Is it necessary to regulate the pH when using the Biobizz products?

In general, when using organic nutrients, pH adjusting is not necessary. This is because the Biobizz products tend to lower the pH naturally until it comes to the optimal range of 6.2-6.3.

However, in some cases the base pH of the tap water can be too high or the grower chooses to use RO water with a very low pH. In those cases, you can use Bio·Up and Bio·Down to regulate the pH of the mix before watering your plants.

Can I use Bio·Up and Bio·Down at the same time in the same watering recipient?

Of course! The optimal range of absorption of nutrients is 6.2-6.5 and we can use both Bio·Up and Bio·Down to reach it according to our water base. We can also use both products if we have been regulating and we need to go back.

Do Bio·Up and Bio·Down have the same concentration and effect?

No, Bio·Down is more concentrated than Bio·Up. The effect of Bio·Down is stronger, as 0,1 ml of Bio·Down in 1L mix lowers the pH by 0.5. Whereas, 0,1 ml of Bio·Up in 1L mix increases the pH by 0.1.

What is the range of effectiveness of the product? How do I know if it has performed its function?

Both products act within a few seconds. We apply the indicated dose of Bio·Up and Bio·Down in the nutrient mix and, once we see that the pH meter does not change in value, we have a mixture ready to be applied to the substrate or turn on the automatic irrigation channel.

Can Bio·Up and Bio·Down be used on the substrate?

No, Bio·Up and Bio·Down are meant to be used in liquid nutrient mixes, not on substrates or dry amendments.

Is it necessary to use both Bio·Up and Bio·Down?

Not always. Sometimes a mixture of nutrients will require lowering the pH, and at other times we will need to increase it. In any case, we can use Bio·Up and Bio·Down together in case we apply too much and need to go back to reach the optimal pH range.

How should I store Bio·Up and Bio·Down?

Bio·Up and Bio·Down should always be kept away from direct sunlight and in a cool, dry, and closed place. It is important to close the bottles very well in order to avoid alterations in the products, since they are 100% organic products and have very controlled and strict pH values.

Is there a limit of uses of Bio·Up and Bio·Down in each mix?

There is no limit to the use of Bio·Up and Bio·Down, as they do not affect the quality of the nutrients or the effectiveness of the mixture. We can use them as many times as necessary to reach the optimum pH range.


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